Alturas Community Network – ACN

Alturas Community Network (ACN)

Hello parents and teachers!

In May we will organize the new board for the parent organization (the ACN). Remember that there is no required membership fee – you are part of us as soon as your child is accepted to Alturas. We do ask for a small fee at the beginning of the year to cover our costs, but we try to keep it reasonable, and you have no obligation to pay.
Our bylaws detail the respective responsibilities for each of our board positions, and we encourage you to read through them, but here’s a quick rundown:

President: Leads the parent committee and interact with Executive Director and Principal to set events and expectations.

Vice President: Backup for the President, and should be ready and willing to step up as President for the subsequent school year. (terms are 2 years, one in this position, one as President).

Secretary: Keep the board organized through board minutes at meetings, interacts with committee chairs and gathers information as needed.

Treasurer: Maintains a working ledger of income and expenses, in charge of bank deposits and all things finance-related. Handles bills to ensure timely payment, and reimbursements from teachers/parents/the school. Also in charge of the annual budget.

MYP Coordinator: Interacts with the teacher assigned as MYP Representative in ensuring that ACN activities are reaching kids in these grades and fulfilling needs as appropriate for these grades.

PYP Coordinator: Interacts with the teacher assigned as PYP Representative in ensuring that ACN activities are reaching kids in these grades and fulfilling needs as appropriate for these grades. – Note that Kate will continue in this position through FY19

We also need ‘at large’ members, which means you are not specifically on the board, but you head up a committee or activity under the direction of the board. For example, if book fairs are your passion, then you’d be the Book Fair Chair, member at large.

Please email to put your name in the hat for one of these positions. We need you.


We are so thrilled to see what exciting things lie ahead for Alturas for the 18-19 year. We hope that you will join the ACN in helping Alturas be the very best it can be!

Our Mission

To foster a cooperative spirit between parents, guardians, students and staff of Alturas International Academy.  Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential. The ACN’s success can be seen in the student’s ability to make a genuine difference in their local and global community.

Our Purpose

  • To lend our energy, talent and time to enhance the quality of education and school environment.  
  • To invite a diverse and broad participation from parents 
  • To foster a sense of community pride
  • To be mindful of, support, represent, and build positively upon the Alturas International School brand
  • Provide financial assistance to teachers in the classroom settings 
  • Raise funds for supplemental educational materials, technology and experiences